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Launch of Ononya.com (Smart Hybrid Ecomm Portal) and why it is the need of the hour

  • By Indrajit Ghosh
  • •  May 23, 2021

I am happy to announce the launch of Ononya.com(Ononya meaning Unparralled in Bengali/Sanskrit)  the unique Smart Hybrid Ecommerce Portal (SHEP) that is bringing top electronics brands and emerging technology products to India’s cities and hinterlandthroughconvenience of online with assurance of reputed offline neighbourhood electronics store offering best prices, personal deliveries and attention . Here customers can reach out for best deals while neighbourhood stores gets empowered and survives.

 Welcome to Webrooming from the era of Showrooming. Come home to India’s own digital retail.we start with Kolkata city now ,the services shall be extended to North Bengal , Andaman after lockdown.

Ononya.com an idea that germinated in 2018 is now a working ,live concept through adoption of tech that’s on fast forward mode. Its important to follow dreams and if that comes with an opportunity to ensure that social fabric is strengthened through inclusive technology then the resolve gets tailwinds to move ahead.

It was since Dec 2018 we at Magitronix Ecomm Pvt Ltd which owns Ononya.com (Ononya meaning unqiue in Sanskrit ) has been seriously thinking of 4 issues that we felt would overwhelm the near future with respect to electronics buying pattern.

  1. Increasing penetration of 4G and then 5 G shall result in a boom in ecommerce .
  2. This would lead to reduction in footfalls in physical retail and resultant loss of jobs
  3. How to ensure that we become a catalyst to genuine physcial retail and ecommerce combines to a SMART HYBRID ECOMMERCE PLATFORM that will esnure covenience of buying online but with  assurances of offline.Ensure digital inclusions in tier 2~3~4 towns where buying on the net would entail bringing customers, top retail, brands , products logistics and fintech together on an ecommerce portal .
  4. How young and not so young is assured they are getting their best tech and best deals while also supporting a social cause where the neighbourhood reputed retail that served you for 25 years in the physical mode now serves you digitally through ONONYA.COM

Environment has changed since drastically since 2020 and has led to massive boom of Ecommerce deliveries -as per Mckinsey study 10 years of Ecoomerce deliveries has happened in 8 weeks globally .All this ensures  that old ways of business needs new appraoch and we promise be in sync with change.

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The above numbers are startling and shall necessitate that brands and supporting retail needs to adopt and adept  and that’s what Ononya.com is assuring that it shall be the catalyst for this change . We partnered  top retail on an average with 25 years in electronics and appliances retail starting with West Bengal and have them brought into one platform . Supported by top fintech buying solutions that goes deep into the tier 2~3 cities . Having large number of ever increasing product categroies at best prices like TV, Audio , Refrigerator ,Washing Machine , Microwave , Small appliances ,IT and Mobility products where top brands that are available and  delivered by your neighbourhood store to the comfort of your home. We are also in the process of adding new categories in IOT,AI ,digital signages ,cyber secuirty, survelliance and medical electronics from home and abroad.

Let me explain in the chart below why Ononya.com - Smart Hybrid style is the best for the customers.

Ononya.com vows that customers shall be our primary focus of  attention where we get to know each other and assure to build the community with a long term committment. I thank and assure the brands that youre supportning India s own initiative to ensure direct connect  with customers at resides in India’s heartland . We ensure our Indian and Global partners that here you are handshaking with future. Our target market shall be smaller towns and cities of India diminishing their didgital divide with metros.


I extend my gratitude to the retail trade partners for believing in us and let us be clear that we assure that your  journey from “Showrooming to Webrooming “ shall be smooth.

segments and innovation in Ecommerce. My special thanks to my senior team members Nabendu Ray Ex Director retail Samsung CE and Nildri Datta Ex CMO LG India .

My gratidtude to Dr. GD Gautama (IIT) IAS Home Secretary  andPrincipal secreatry  IT Govt of West Bengal) , Miss Aditi Oleman( IIT)  -co founder Mylein Foundry OTT specialist , Ex Tata Sons for agreeing guide us by joining the advsiory board. Shri Joydeep Bhattacharya IIT(Kgp) IIM (B) COO TCG digital

Bring special products and prices to keep engaged with best deals.

To Ononya.com team can only say thanks for your understanding , support and for standing by me.

We shall regulalry write blogs to update on consumer technology and retail . (wath this space)

 Author : Indrajit Ghosh CEO Ononya.com and can be reached at  email : [email protected]

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