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Philips Audio RL191/94 with MW/FM Bands 180mW RMS Sound output Radio with Battery And External 3V DC
  • Table top radio with 180mW RMS Sound output
  • Telescopic Aerial
  • Power Source: Battery: 2xR20 (UMI)External 3V DC(optional)
Philips Radio DL167/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands, Battery:2xR20 (UM1),External 3V DC (Optional)
  • Radio type: Table top Frequency Range: 520 - 1605 kHz AM and 88000 - 108000 kHz FM Power ON/OFF/Volume, Tuning & BAND Selection eaker impedance: 4ohm ; DC 3 Batteries ; External Power Supply ; Max Tuner Presets: 25-49 m on SW ; Controls: Power On / Off, Volume, Tuning, Band Selection ;
Philips Radio DL225/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands,450mW RMS Sound output Battery:3xR20 battery and 4.5V DC Socket
  • Bands  : 3 Bands MW/SW/FM Loud Speaker : 4” round, 4 Ohms Power source : 3 x R20 Battery and 4.5V DC socket Controls : Power ON/OFF/Volume tuning control
Philips Radio RL205/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands, 450mW RMS soundoutput, Battery:2xR20 (1.5V DC),External DC Socket:3V DC, LED Torch,Glowing Knob& Headphone Socket
  • Table top Radio with 450m W RMS Sound output Portable Radio Receiver-Perfect blend of Light and Music Tunig Range: MW : 504KHz-1665KHz, SW : 3.70MHz – 12.50MHz, FM : 87.00MHz – 108 MHz Controls: Power ON/OFF/Volume,Tuning & Band Selection
Philips Radio RL118/94 with MW/SW/FM Bands, 200mW RMS soundoutput,3-1 Power source External Battery:2xR6 (3V DC), Mains: 230V AC/ 50 Hz, Built in rechargeable battery
  • Table top Radio with 200m W RMS Sound output Telescopic Aerial Power Source: External Battery : 2 x R6 (3V DC), Mains : 230V AC / 50Hz, Built-in-Rechargeable Battery

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