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Refund and Cancellation Policy

1.2 Cancellation& Refund

Once the Order Confirmation has been issued online, buyer can cancel the order by notifying the Company through the Platform no later than twenty four (24) hours from receipt of the Order Confirmation. Beyond the two (2) hours Order Cancellation Window, no cancellation request or notification of the Order shall be accepted.

For any Product Defect / Exchange request generate within the Return Window, refund will be executed only in case of Seller being unable to supply like-to-like stocks and decision will be exclusively at the discretion of the seller / platform.

The Company and/or the vendor reserves the right to cancel your Order at any time due to non-availability of the Product, restriction on sale of the Products due to change in law, suspicion of fraudulent activity or due to any other reason based on its sole discretion.

If the Company/vendor cancels your Order or buyer cancels an Order within the Cancellation window, buyer will receive a refund of the amount into buyer’s source account or wallet within 7-10 days from the time of Order cancellation after deduction of bank transaction charges.

  1. Pricing Information

The Company strives to provide accurate information with regard to the prices of Products on the Platform, however pricing errors or typographical errors may occur. With respect to the online retail store, the final price of the selected Product will be confirmed in the Company’s or the applicable vendor’s final offer to you and will be displayed on the Order confirmation page. All prices shall be listed in Indian Rupees (or its equivalent in the local currency, if offered by the Company) and are subject to change at the Company’s discretion.